Сравнительный тест Камри-Аккорд-Таурус


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. Аккорд - впереди по оценке.

The downsides to the Accord are few. Its automatic transmission lacks the extra gear found on the Taurus, and fuel efficiency tops the other cars here--but it didn t improve in this new generation. The styling can be seen as quirky, but its bigger fault is how it reduces rear headroom, just like the shape cuts into the Taurus headroom. Overall, the Accord scores a 9.0 out of 10 from TheCarConection.com s editors, thanks mostly to its sweet mechanical feel, its durability, and its plethora of high-tech options. ? Whether you re looking for a comfy commuter in the $20,000 range or a luxurious, powerful $30,000 family sedan, the Honda Accord should be on your shortlist.

Аккорд набрал 9 из 10 очков! Недостаток только мало места над головами задних пассажиров.